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As a recording and audio post production studio setup, we are uniquely positioned to meet all of our clients’ end-to-end production needs.This entails our specialties in music, voice and sound effects; always with a keen awareness of what is conveyed to audiences through audio.

Audio Post Production

We generate the sound elements of all stages of Audio Production relating to sound produced and synchronized with moving pictures (film, television, or video). Some of the services that we assist with in post-production includes:

Voice Over Recording

We can record in a variety of languages, including English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Tamil, thanks to our wide pool of Voice Talents who specialize in lip sync, voice acting, narration, and announcement reads.


We have extensive experience in the production of music albums and singles in a variety of genres. We have collaborated with various artists and producers over the course of our 15+ years in business.

Corporate Theme Songs

Having a company's own theme song helps to establish powerful branding. We've created a number of profound and impactful tunes that have elevated several business brands to new heights.

Jingle Composition

In today's competitive market, it's critical to link a melody to a brand. We specialise in creating memorable melodies or distinctive tunes (less than 30 seconds) that complement the brand's vision and image. Many hallmark tracks are still in use today and have stood the test of time.


OBS is also a certified music training provider. Thus far, there are 500+ students participating in our online based education named JOM (Jays Online Music) worldwide.

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Meet The Team

Our goal at Orange Box Studio is to provide a world-class recording facility and music education in a creative environment without compromise.



Founder/CEO/Head of Music

Award winning Music Director. Produces music & provides multiple music services. E-Learning Digital Online Coach & certified Train-The-Trainee (TTT).


Co-Founder/Head of Content

Award Winning lyricist. Singer & TV show producer.

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E-Learning Instructor. Playback Singer. Award Winning Singer. Voice Over Artist.


E-Learning Instructor. Playback Singer.
Expertise: Keyboardist

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E-Learning Instructor. Voice Over Artist. Playback Singer.
Expertise: Ukulele

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WhatsApp Image 2022-01-11 at 9.27.23 PM

Web & Marketing Lead. Voice Over Artist.

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E-Learning Administrator. Artist.

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