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In 2011, Jay teamed up with Ms. Selvi (former THR Raaga RJ) and Mr. Unni Krishnan (an Indian businessman) to open a music school in Brickfields called ‘Odyssey Vocal & Music Training’ centre. Here, Jay initiated his ‘Voice Culture Program’ in which pupils were taught both Contemporary and Carnatic music lessons. Mrs. Preetha Prasad (playback singer) led the Carnatic Indian Music session, while Jay led the Contemporary Music session. Jay gathered the ones who excelled during the programme into a band called ‘Odyssey MyBand,’ which became Malaysia’s first Indian harmonising band.

Odyssey MyBand has appeared on national television in a number of major events and has worked on a number of projects associated with ASTRO. Due to great demand, Jay opened another Odyssey Vocal & Music Training Center in Penang in early 2019. Jay published the album ‘HomeMade Melodies’ on May 27th, 2017 through his production company, Orange Box Studio, in which 66 of his students composed, sang, and penned all 19 songs. This album was recognised into the Malaysia Book Of Records for having the “Most Number of Composers In A Single Album”. On 20th November 2021, Odyssey MyBand was also awarded the ‘Best In Acapella & Vocal Harmonizing’ award by the Golden Hibiscus Awards.

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Jay's Online Vocal & Music Training

JOM, which was founded in the year 2019, seeks to provide a platform for everyone to get together and enjoy music. The acronym JOM stands for “Jay’s Online Music” and Jay is the primary Vocal Tutor. A rough estimate of 500 active students are enrolled in the course right now.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused an economic crisis, JOM is offering this internet-based course at a low fee in order to realize its goal of making music available to everyone, regardless of their financial status. It’s also worth noting that Jay, as a kind of encouragement, funds deserving students who are experiencing financial difficulties.

Would you like to be a part of us & break more world records? Register now in the link below and enroll yourself in our online based classes.

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